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Dog Breeds Prone To Food Allergies

Dogs can be so sensitive to a number of common allergens which are found in a lot of dog foods you find in supermarkets and in larger pet stores. Unfortunately a lot of these foods are produced to keep production costs as low as possible which results in a sub standard food, filled with poor quality ingredients and fillers!


Some unfortunate breeds appear to be more susceptible to allergies than others and whilst there isn't too much scientific evidence confirming these breeds, we can see the most commonly googled breeds along with searches such as 'food allergies', 'dog food allergy' and 'Does my Cockapoo have an allergy'.


Here's a list of the most commonly googled dog breeds;

The following breeds are the most commonly googled along with the search terms mentioned above.

‣ Dachshund

‣ Cockapoo

‣ Golden retriever

‣ Cocker spaniel

‣ Bulldog

‣ German shepherd

‣ Pug

‣ West Highland terrier


The most common allergy we come across is grain, that's why our grain free range is so popular with our doggy customers. Even if your dog doesn't have a grain allergy, the benefits of a grain free diet are brilliant and help promote healthy skin & coat, firms up poo's and contains high quality ingredients meaning it isn't filled with cheap, poor quality 'filler ingredients'

If your dog has an allergy to anything in particular and you are looking to find a food which doesn't include this, simply email us on and we will advise you on the best food for your pet and work with you to get them back to being 100% themselves without the nasty symptoms of the allergies.

Want to have a look over our Grain Free varieties? Click the button the top menu and have a look through our Grain Free and Superfood 65® ranges which are both 100% grain free.

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