About Our Pet Food - Kibble UK

Kibble UK is our amazing pet kibble which is all made in the UK. The ingredients and how they are cooked is what makes our dog food and cat food so special. Find out where our ingredients come from, how our pet food is made and what makes it so brilliant!

We work with the leading maker of high quality pet foods, GA Pet Food Partners to provide our customers with our Kibble UK brand of pet kibble. GA produce the highest quality pet foods and we are proud to be a partner and allow our customers the opportunity to feed their pets some of the best pet food available and all made in the UK.

GA sources fresh meats from best known and trusted farms and fisheries which ensures full traceability of all Kibble UK variaties. GA then use their unique Freshtrusion™ process to gently cook the meats in their state of the art Meat Kitchen. This ensures that they create the most nutritious and highly palatable meats to be used in our Kibble UK products.

Ingredient Sourcing

The journey begins with farms and fisheries that are known and trusted and where GA source only the finest fresh meat, fish and ingredients providing My Online Pet Store with the genuine stores of provenance and traceability in ur Kibble UK ranges.


At the centre of Freshtrusion lies GA's four world leading laboratories, where they meticulously test all 800+ ingredients prior to acceptance and where all recipes are tested throughout manufacture. This unique system offers us full traceability of every variety.

Ingredients Kitchen

Where GA combine industry leading science, automation and expertise in testing, storing and blending to delivery the finest dry pet food ingredients.

Meat Kitchen

The finest fresh meats are selected for GA's meat kitchen where they are gently cooked at 82°C (180°F) to protect proteins, enhance the flavour and keep in all the goodness in the My Online Pet Store Kibble UK ranges of food. This cooked process ensures maximum digestibility and nutritional value to your pet.


State of the art entry into the production process, ensuring the complete optimisation of production by providing a constant supply of dry ingredients.


GA's state of the art manufacturing site is home to one of the most technically advanced extrusion facilities in the world.