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How Do I Change My Pets Food?

The Process

Some pets will happily move from food to food with no bother at all, others are a little more sensitive with their tummies and some are just simply fussy!!

When it comes to changing your pets food, it's always encouraged to take it a little slower and introduce the new food over the course of a week.

Your pets digestive systems can be sensitive to sudden changes in diet. This can result in runny poo's and excess wind amongst other niggly things. Rather than switching food overnight, take your time especially if you’ve got a dog with a sensitive tummy. 

So what is the best way to introduce a new food into your pets life?

Plan in advance so that you can keep some of your pets old food ready to mix with your new My Online Pet Store food. It's a simple process and we’ve outlined the amounts of old food vs new food you should mix over the course of a week.

All of our foods come with a feeding guide on the bag so you know exactly how much you should be feeding, although this is not an exact science as every dog is different and some have bigger appetites that others! 


The Timeline

Days 1-2 

For the first couple of days, keep 70% old food and 30% new food in their bowl

Days 3-4

Days 3 and 4 are nice and simple with a straight 50/50 split between new and old food

Days 5-6 

Coming towards the end of the week, start to increase the new food to 70% of the bowl with 30% of the old food

Day 7 

You can now just feed your pet their new food and allow them to enjoy the goodness of their My Online Pet Store food!


Helping With The Transition

Our 2kg Bags are perfect for the transition period of moving your pet from one brand of food to the My Online Pet Store range.

Many of our customers 1st orders are for a 2kg with them going onto purchase larger bags once they are sure that their pet loves the variety they have chosen.

All of our foods through all ranges are available from 2kg bags all the way up to 15kg

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