Kibble Subscription Free Trial

Free 2kg Bag Trial

This is the start of the journey to transforming your pets diet in 2024. We are offering a free 2kg bag trial on a super limited availability for our amazing UK made kibble subscription.

Enter your details below and a member of our team will call you to discuss your pets requirements and delivery information. You will then receive a free 2kg bag of food (£3.99 delivery fee applies to the 1st order, all subsequent subscription deliveries are free of charge).

At the point of ordering your free 2kg bag, you decide on your future order frequency and bag size (6kg, 12kg or 15kg) and 7 days after your 2kg is dispatched, your new subscription starts, being delivered to your door step at your chosen delivery frequencies.

You can change variety, bag size, delivery frequency, pause or cancel at any time.