To remain impartial, we asked an AI tool to summarise the information presented above to provide its opinion on what it believes is a better kibble for your dog based on the facts. Here's what it said...

"My Online Pet Store (Kibble UK) - Super Premium - Chicken & Rice" dog food appears to be a better option for your dog compared to "Autarky Mature Lite Dry Delicious Chicken." Here's a summary of the key points:

My Online Pet Store (Kibble UK) - Super Premium - Chicken & Rice has a higher protein content, a better All About Dog Food rating, a significantly higher meat content, a lower carbohydrate content, and offers different kibble sizes, providing more flexibility for your dog's preferences. Additionally, Autarky includes meat meal, which is considered inferior in quality. It also has a comparable price per KG. Therefore, it seems to be the better choice for your dog's nutrition and overall well-being